"The Mark of Man isn't the Manner in which he falls... But the Manner in which he rises."

For Tony Harris the journey through hell led to the greatest adventure of his life, an adventure that has just begun and has allowed him to pursue excellence in another field... Motorsport! 

Mission Statement

With a clear vision of what Tony offers and the way in which he wants to fulfil his life and business Tony Harris Racing is a unique and innovative approach to sharing life changing events in a clear, honest and emotional way without jargon or embellishment.


To share the life changing experiences of Tony Harris with educational establishments, businesses and individuals in order to motivate, inspire and teach others the mind set, skills and behaviours required to succeed over adversity and challenges.


These core values represent the ethos of THR Ltd:

To inspire others through experiential learning and example.

To challenge individuals to broaden their horizons of what can be overcome using a balance of theory, practical experience and personal example.

To introduce the realities of serious, life changing events and the requirement to maintain a healthy, positive approach to life.

To support service charities and raise vital awareness of the necessity of their work.

To develop a unique, distinctive and recognisable voice for TV and Radio Voice Over (VO) work.

To continue to support, train and race with the inspirational Race2Recovery team on rallies and rally raids around the world.


“We know it was not easy, but you have today become true record holders as the first ever disability team to complete what is one of the world's toughest challenges. What you have achieved was a triumph of perseverance and teamwork, and you have shown the world what true courage looks like. “

HRH The Duke of Cambridge,
January 2013

“What an experience the R2R team had – the press coverage is still rolling in. We all applaud your record breaking achievement and are thankful that you all returned safely.“

Head of Automotive OE UK Marketing,
Robert Bosch UK



Please consider donating to a charity that has helped me, my family and my friends and remains close to my heart, if you can.