"The Mark of Man isn't the Manner in which he falls... But the Manner in which he rises."

For Tony Harris the journey through hell led to the greatest adventure of his life, an adventure that has just begun and has allowed him to pursue excellence in another field... Motorsport! 

Christmas: Dakar Ready

Now is the time for all things festive but unfortunately there will be no drinking from the gravy boat for me or the rest of the Race2Recovery team as we prepare for our second Dakar adventure. Two Wildcats and one race truck will be supported by the fearsome T5 8x8 support truck and two Land Rover Discoverys as we tear through Argentina and Chile on one of the most complex and arduous Dakar's to date. The race will cover over 9,000km with some terrifyingly huge stages on gravel, sand, slat flats and at altitude - don't miss out on the adventure and follow us on the Race2Recovery Facebook page or website.


Recently I have been away giving a number of talks and some of the stand out memories were addressing the AiTO conference in Malta to 140 delegates and talking to more than 200 students at Mastbaum High School in South West Philadelphia. The last talk also gave me the opportunity to meet up with my old USMC buddy Cpl Tim Read to talk about the Dakar, future plans with US injured service personnel and of course watch the annual Army vs Navy American Football game.


I am currently in the process of developing a series of 10 leadership lectures ready for 2014 and think that the balance of theory coupled with practical application will be a must for businesses around the country so if you are interested then do please email Kiki This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.


We are also very pleased to announce that I will be doing more work with another injured colleague of mine called Martin Hewitt, some of you may remember that he walked to the North Pole with Prince Harry, mounted an attempt on Everest and is currently planning the Grand Slam of 7 summits on 7 continents as well as the poles. An inspirational ex-Parachute Regiment officer Martin and his team at Fieri work in a similar field to myself and we are looking forward to working together to develop an authentic and first class leadership training opportunity for high performance teams.


I wish you all the very best for Christmas and the New Year and once again I encourage you to get behind our Race2Recovery team on the Dakar 2014.

Range Rover Sport Weekend

What an incredible weekend! Not only did the Lions smash Australia in the final test, not only did Andy Murray dispel the myths of a Brit winning the Wimbledon male crown, not only was the sun beating down on us all and reminding us all of what we have missed so much this year but I was also privileged to be part of Land Rover's Range Rover Sport Experience weekend.

Recently I have been doing a lot of talks to schools including Eastbourne College and Thomas' School in Kensington, naturally the experiences revolved around my military career and Race2Recovery but underpinning it has always been the key values and ethos that I think defines the way we act as individuals and as teams. The response from pupils, parents and staff has been wonderful although it was SSgt Mark Zambon who I shared the stage with in Eastbourne who added such an incredible insight into the capability of the human mind and soul.

Last weekend was the best way to unwind though when my wife, Elizabeth, and I set off to Abergavenny to be treated to an incredible two days driving the new 5L turbo charged Range Rover Sport through the winding roads of South Wales including a trip to Sennybridge military training area, the Elan Reservoir and then on to Eastnor Castle in Herefordshire to test the car's phenomenal off road capability. The day came to a wonderful conclusion when we arrived at the Montpellier Hotel in Cheltenham before a superb dinner and early night to prepare for the climatic final day.

After a leisurely breakfast we were off into the Cotswolds where we enjoyed another 4x4 course and then on to Cotswolds Airport for possibly the most outlandish driving event I have ever witnessed. After putting the car through it's paces at 150mph on the runway and a 0-100mph-stop time of 16.2 seconds we entered the Boeing 747 driving up an enormous ramp to the hold. Immediately we had to put the car onto a 45 degree side on ramp before a cross axle obstacle all in the back of this huge plane! After negotiating the hold and cattle class it was up to First Class for a steep drop underneath the pilots and back to earth. 

But that wasn't the end and it was back up to economy via another ramp before the steepest drop off straight out the other side and home for tea and medals in the other jumbo! I don't think I have ever seen something so quirky that worked so well - suffice to say refreshed and prepared for Goodwood.





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